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A Revolution in Remote Sensing

via the zero-emission Stratospheric Microballoon™

Delivering broad area, high-resolution aerial imagery and wildfire monitoring at costs drastically less than satellites, aircraft, or drones

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Introducing the Microballoon™

The Microsatellites of the Stratosphere.

Leveraging advances in component miniaturization, first-of-its-kind balloon reusability, and the high vantage point of the Stratosphere, the Microballoon™ drastically reduces the cost of high-resolution remote sensing and weather-related data capture over broad areas, leading to more impactful data over more areas than ever before.

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Available Today for Aerial Imagery Collection

Imagery Tasking + Fresh Archive. Get Data Fast and Affordably.

From regularly mapping change above cities to monitoring wildfires in real time, the Microballoon is purpose-built for low-cost, rapid remote sensing.


Urban Areas

The freshest, high-resolution data to map change over large urban centers.


Disaster Response

Rapid situational awareness over large flood plains, fires, and emergencies.


State & Local Government

Update basemaps and survey more regularly while saving taxpayer money.


Remote Areas

Take stock of important natural resources and environmental signatures.


Distributed Assets

From utility inspection to oil & gas asset monitoring and security.



Understand and manage crop production and vegetation health at scale.

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An Entirely New Way to See the Earth

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Data & Tasking Inquiries

From the most affordable, rapid tasking of your specific areas of interest to our growing archive of regularly imaged urban areas, we’ve got you covered.

Starting at just $5 per sq. km for new taskings, we offer the most affordable broad area collection on Earth.

~10cm GSD 3-band aerial imagery. Better than the highest resolution commercial satellite imagery available.

Planned regular collects over urban areas in support of insurance, construction, government, and mapping apps.

Thanks for submitting! We'll be in touch soon!

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